Wonderfully lazy weekend

Ever get sad when the weekend is coming to an end? I do, I call this feeling the “Sunday blues”. This weekend has been great and thankfully not quite over yet. My fiancé and I both had what could be considered a long, hectic week so the weekend is something we were very much looking forward to. We happily agreed to a lazy weekend, we slept in, made breakfast together (my absolute favorite meal) and indulged in some of our favorite things; video games for him, reading and tv for me 🙂 I also got to spend a few hours with Carrie (friend, coworker and fellow blogger: CurrentlyCarrie) we got to catch up, make plans for our upcoming Halloween party and do a little shopping. I picked up a great book which I plan to start reading this week; “The Buddha walks into a bar”, a sort of modern-day guide to life using Tibetan Buddhism teachings. I have high hopes for it. Signing off for now, time to start thinking about dinner and maybe a movie to watch as we say goodbye to Sunday.



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