Today could easily be described as the perfect day. Our best friends (and possibly the cutest couple I know) Steve and Jess; came over for a little poolside picnic and some fun in the sun. It turned out to be perfect cure for the blues that seemed to have gotten ahold of me just last week. We laughed, talked, ate, took silly photos, and when the sun was all gone; we headed indoors for a movie and burgers. It was in a nutshell the best way we could have spent a Sunday. I wish you all a good night and a fantastic week ahead!

P.S. can you believe it’s in the mid 70s in Florida; what ever happened to winter?




Jess and Steve


The handsome Mr. Dasch


Yours truly.


Feeling thankful

I have a little confession to make…it’s been a while since I have written and it is because I have been somewhat consumed by reading tons of blogs! I know it sounds silly, but I am what could be considered new to the blogosphere and I find myself fascinated by the amount of bright and interesting people with such diverse points of view inhabiting it. It may not be nice to say, but I feel my town is not one really filled with individuality. I know I am risking sounding like one of those “grass is greener on the other side” people, but I have pondered that thought for a long time. It has been the topic of discussion with many friends and they tend to agree; so it is no surprise that sometimes inspiration in my day to day life is hard to find. That aside, I must also say I have what could be considered an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and inspiration, and so I look for it in all sorts of different places. Of course I have some wonderful people around me I look up to; my parents, husband, great friends…but I am always happy to be a witness to those out-of-the-box thinkers, writers, skilled and creative cooks and artists (whatever their medium may be). That’s where the blogs come in. I honestly love technology for making it so easy to share, communicate and connect with those we admire and feel we have so much in common with. I know, I know…I’m rambling on, I guess I just want to say I am grateful for those of you out there and for all the beautiful content you share, it has the power to completely turn around even the most uninspiring of days 🙂