Today could easily be described as the perfect day. Our best friends (and possibly the cutest couple I know) Steve and Jess; came over for a little poolside picnic and some fun in the sun. It turned out to be perfect cure for the blues that seemed to have gotten ahold of me just last week. We laughed, talked, ate, took silly photos, and when the sun was all gone; we headed indoors for a movie and burgers. It was in a nutshell the best way we could have spent a Sunday. I wish you all a good night and a fantastic week ahead!

P.S. can you believe it’s in the mid 70s in Florida; what ever happened to winter?




Jess and Steve


The handsome Mr. Dasch


Yours truly.

Back Home

So, it’s been quite some time since my last post, but I am truly happy to be writing again. So much has happened this month; getting married most importantly 🙂 Michael and I really wanted our wedding to be laid back and fun, so when we got engaged, we quickly decided on a Las Vegas Elvis wedding. We traveled to Vegas along with friends and family (23 of us total) for a weekend of fun and celebration. While there we got the chance to get together for dinner,gambling and even found time for a little karaoke! Our photos were taken by a great friend of ours and talented photographer; Chris Martin. It was simply everything we hoped it would be and I am happy to be home and ready to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s as Mr. and Mrs. Dasch. I wish you all and your loved ones a very joyful Holiday season and a wonderful New Year! Xoxo






Entertaining Fun!

One of my favorite things to do is entertain. I think it's definitely something I get from my mom; as a kid I always remember my parents' friends coming over for dinner and what a great hostess my mom was. She has always paid great attention to detail and it shows in everything she does. I keep that in mind when preparing nibbles, dinner, and drinks. To celebrate the start of the weekend; we had our close friends Steve and Jess over for wine and dinner. It was so much fun! I made Pasta e Fagioli (which I forgot to photograph cause we were so hungry!), it left me inspired and wanting more Italian, so tonight I'll be making my favorite meat sauce. Stay tuned 🙂

These are from Friday…

The ingredients for Sgroppino (an Italian cocktail made up of Prosecco, lemon sorbet and mint). Yum!
I hope you're all still enjoying your weekend!


Exciting Weekend

There is a lot happening this fall/holiday season. For the first time ever (along with some friends) we are throwing a Halloween party. Decorations are all set, but I definitely didn't realize what an undertaking it would be. There is so much planning involved, food is my biggest concern ( I think it's so important!) and while I have found some great recipes online, most don't seem very simple or practical, especially when you only have a few hours to prep. Any recommendations?

So aside from finalizing Halloween plans, our wedding planning is coming to an end. With less than 2 months left 'till our Vegas nuptials, there is still lots to be done. Thankfully, the question of what to wear has been answered. Mike got his tux yesterday, and today with the help of my lovely and very fashionable mom, I found my dress! I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. My experience at the local bridal store was great, the bridal consultant was sweet and extremely personable. After trying on 3 dresses (all lovely) I found the one! As soon as I put it on and walked out to show my mom, I knew that was IT! The look on her face was priceless; she knew it too. I wish I could post a photo of it but Mike reads my blog from time to time, so that wouldn't be good, I guess I'll have to wait 'till the big day.

Now there's dinner and the new episode of “Walking Dead” to look forward to. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend (continue to enjoy it, it's not quite over yet!!).



Wonderfully lazy weekend

Ever get sad when the weekend is coming to an end? I do, I call this feeling the “Sunday blues”. This weekend has been great and thankfully not quite over yet. My fiancé and I both had what could be considered a long, hectic week so the weekend is something we were very much looking forward to. We happily agreed to a lazy weekend, we slept in, made breakfast together (my absolute favorite meal) and indulged in some of our favorite things; video games for him, reading and tv for me 🙂 I also got to spend a few hours with Carrie (friend, coworker and fellow blogger: CurrentlyCarrie) we got to catch up, make plans for our upcoming Halloween party and do a little shopping. I picked up a great book which I plan to start reading this week; “The Buddha walks into a bar”, a sort of modern-day guide to life using Tibetan Buddhism teachings. I have high hopes for it. Signing off for now, time to start thinking about dinner and maybe a movie to watch as we say goodbye to Sunday.


Hello world!

Hello from Sunny South Florida! I am so excited to put my procrastinating days behind and finally start blogging. While this is simply an ice breaker, I look forward to sharing tons more. Until then, Au Revoir!